Our Story

We are thrilled to share the beautiful journey that has led us to this incredible moment in our lives. From the very first moment our paths crossed, we knew there was something special between us. As we embark on this lifelong adventure together, we want to take a moment to reflect on our story and how love has woven our lives together.


The First Time They Met


Radek and Maria first met at Chuck and Mary's condo in the Island Club back in early 2019. Maria was visiting her grandparents, who held Radek in high regard as their favored neighbor and often extended dinner invitations to him. The first photograph capturing the presence of both Radek & Maria together dates back to Grandmom Mary's birthday celebration on January 21st, 2019.

The Chase Began


Maria had began spending more time working and socializing in Pompano Beach. Whenever Radek would be enjoying his time with friends at the tiki, he would often find himself conveniently needing to head home whenever he noticed Maria making her way towards the pool. However, he always made a point to pass by the pool and say hello to Maria. As the summer progressed, this occurrence became more frequent. One day, Maria invited Radek to join her and some friends for a drink, and he gladly accepted the invitation. After a few weeks had passed, during which they continued to hang out by the pool and chat, Maria went home for a visit. Upon her return, she asked Radek to accompany her and some friends once again, this time to celebrate her birthday. Radek enthusiastically agreed, and the celebration turned out to be a great time.

The First Date


About a week after Maria’s birthday, Radek asked Maria if she would like to grab a drink, just the two of them this time. She thought about damn time!! Radek picked her up, and they headed to their now "spot" – Kapow! Noodle Bar. On their way back home, as they approached a train track, the traffic light turned red, forcing them to come to a halt due to a passing train. At that moment, Maria looked at Radek and playfully uttered the words, "Are you gonna kiss me or what?" And the rest is history - YES, he kissed her!

The Proposal


After an unexpected setback due to a faulty boat battery, Radek found himself with just two days remaining before Christmas Eve, prompting the need for a new plan. After talking with his dad during a brainstorming session, he decided to give the boat one last attempt as he felt that it was the perfect plan. When the boat's engine roared to life, Radek recognized that this was the opportune moment he had been eagerly awaiting. Taking his shot, he texted Maria, who was diligently working, and proposed the idea of a romantic date night on the boat. Maria's excitement knew no bounds as she enthusiastically accepted the invitation, after a 19 day work stretch. Radek picked her up from the Sands dock, and together they embarked on a journey to their cherished spot—the Lighthouse Point inlet. Radek instructed Maria to take a seat at the front of the boat while he prepared a surprise picnic. Little did Maria know that an extraordinary moment awaited her when she turned around. As she faced Radek, her eyes were met with a breathtaking sight—Radek knelt down on one knee, surrounded by roses, wine, sushi, and, most importantly, THE RING! Overwhelmed by shock, Radek stumbled over his words, while Maria, equally overwhelmed, struggled to find her own voice. However, the shock quickly subsided, and with boundless joy, Maria leaped up and down, exclaiming a resounding "YES!"

The Wedding


Details coming soon……